Stop Smart Meter Installation!

Stop your Smart Meter Installation!

You can defer the Smart Meter installation at your home by following these steps.

1. Contact the power distributor for your area.
2. Please note, this is not necessarily your retailer. Powercor is doing most of the western region of Victoria and SP-Ausnet is doing the East.
3. Call and ask to be put on the defer list for smart meter installation.
4. Open this link, print out the stop sign and put it on your meter box.

Smart Meter sign is courtesy of

Where to now when you are sinking in the sea of radiation?

Are there any Doctors out there that know and recognise the symptoms of too much EMR/EMF?

My own experience tells me "No". When trying to solve the puzzle of severe shoulder inflammation from the side that I normally slept on and I suggested to a doctor that it maybe EMR/EMF travelling up the springs in my mattress as I was under high magnetic radiation, he replied, "No, it doesn't harm people, there is no evidence".
Thanks Doctor! The inflammation subsided beginning from the day I left that house.
Swedish doctors recognise the condition, why can't ours? In fact EHS (electrohypersensitivity), is a listed disability there.

Chemotherapy Made British Woman Electrosensitive!

Is this news to you? Are you surprised or amazed that this could occur?
Considering that there are hundreds of thousands of electrosensitive people world wide and with some countries even paying them disability pensions and some providing "safe" housing, one should really be asking, "how did all these people become electrically sensitive?"
Seeing a headline like this would make one think that this is something new or out of the ordinary, when in fact it is not. Sadly, living in the modern world with all its' electromagnetic conveniences can create huge Health Issues for some, myself included......but that is another blog post....

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